The Last 100 Days

I was friends with Joe MacNamara for the last 100 days of his life. He was 72 and I was 42. We would attend 2 or 3 Alcoholic Anonymous meetings a day during this time.

I use his real name now because this is over 20 years ago and I know no one anymore who remembers my friend Joe.

Life is like that; you remain anonymous for decades and then no one remembers you for an eternity.

Joe was a gangster and a rebel in his younger days and he would talk and I would laugh and listen. He would say, “What are you hanging around here for? Get a job! You are young, go to work. “

I eventually took Joe’s advice. He didn’t seem to understand that I had a job. I just couldn’t be in possession of money at that time and maintain my sobriety.

I somehow learned this skill before I returned to work. It took 100 days and Joe’s death for this to be accomplished.

I work in the film industry. The money is good, however it is not nearly as glamorous as one might imagine.

No matter how much money I make, there always seems to be someone or something present on payday to take it away. Probably a Universal condition of my sobriety.

Dennis Mantin

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