The Sailer Redux

I am a sailor on a ship called,

Good Intentions.

Our Captain has taken leave of his senses and dove into the deep water in his efforts to be with the mythical mermaid Lila…

He is there now and we are adrift.

The first mate JC should have taken the helm, but this being his last Voyage before retirement; he is reticent with fear. For his lifelong desire to happen now; and in this manner, has not lined up with any of his past dreams. That ship has sailed. JC is lost in thought down in the galley with his whitish cracked knuckles wrapped around a brown bottle.

There are as many whispers about mutiny as there is about promotion. Their eyes are looking at me to fill the void. I am hesitant as neither the mutiny or promotion is what they appear.

I’ve been looking for something new. Perhaps this is it!

I gave a speech of sorts that was short and concise and to my surprise no voice of opposition rose. A light appeared on the horizon out of the darkness and we are heading towards that.

We are heading towards shore I think. I am still hopeful for finding the Captain and the lovely Lila..

Dennis Mantin

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