Chez J’s

In California where the mangoes grow.

At Chez J’s, there’s a bar you know.

Came a lawyer Bill, who is broken inside.

Goes by the name of Billy McBride.

He took it all, every loss and win.

Like a tailored suit or a deadly sin.

He is Socrates, Columbo and Robin Hood.

Danced with the Devil where the Devil stood.

David slew Goliath at the end day.

He took up a stool at the bar Chez J’s

If it’s too loud and it’s silence he craves.

He’s at the beach eying Billy, watching the waves.

Dennis Mantin

We watched him fail but mostly win. We saw them all, the deadly sin. There was one who saw inside. It’s hard to fool old Billy McBride.

I’m not sure there was a plan. But I do admit I am a fan. David slew GOLIATH and saved the day. And Billy is drinking at Chez Jay.


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