“One Of Those”

My memory has been triggered by the events of the leaked Supreme Court document and the outrage of the left.

When I was 28 in 1986 I overheard a conversation between a man of about 30 and a young woman in her 20’s.

They were discussing a teenager being charged for child endangerment for giving birth to a baby in the toilet of a greyhound bus and leaving the infant there abandoned.

The young woman was expressing her outrage of “How dare they!” When I interjected this question to her.

“How old do you feel a child has to be before the child has a right to live? You obviously don’t believe that breathing and having life gives them any rights. Would it be OK to stop killing them when they are 1?2? 5? 10?”

She looked at me with disdain and dragging her eyes from me and back to her companion said,

“He’s one of those.”

Dennis Mantin

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