The Surprise

The surprise for me is with all the history and all the stories, and all the examples… somehow we do not question or scrutinize when someone lies to us.

All it takes is a tear on the cheek and a tale of abuse and we are hooked.

SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! Motherf#@kers!

This phenomenon is not new. Shakespeare’s wrote about it and there is an example or three in the Bible.

Alexander S. was so aware of humanities abilities to make false statements that he said during his Nobel Prize winning speech “A single person who stops lying can bring down a tyranny. “

YET… In my lifetime I have heard and read people say with conviction that

‘Women don’t lie.’

And large groups of people preach that as their truth.

Yesterday I spoke to a psychologist and I said, “I am surprised by how easily mental health professionals are taken in with lies.”

She said, “They never would believe that someone who is the Applicant for trying to protect their child from abuse is the abuser.

“Tricky those lying psychopaths; aren’t they?

Dennis Mantin

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