My Problem with Early Sobriety

A friend came to me recently to tell me about her woes regarding a relationship she is in with an alcoholic/drug addict…

I told her I don’t give relationship advice due to the fact I’ve never had one, however I added, ” You probably should start attending Alanon meetings. “

All of this got me thinking about my own early sobriety and my somewhat unique experience of often breaking out into hysterical laughter, often at the expense of someone else’s pain.

The last time this happened was probably the worst. 10 of us were seated around a 12 seated table in a small room. One of the 10 was a woman who was a beautiful woman about 60, who had the distinction of being a former Nun and a former Hooker as well as being an alcoholic. I was very taken with her. She had an alcoholic friend with her who was mid-forties, blonde and beautiful as well. They were the real reason I choose this particular room. The only other person I remember at this table was a clean cut man of about 50 who seemed unusually eager to share. His arm shot upon the chairperson asked for volunteers to speak.

He shared that he had been sober for 17 years and his drinking buddies from the ‘old days’ were still drinking and they had not died yet as a result of their continued efforts and this had somehow angered this man.

By this point I was holding my face in my hands in an effort to conceal my laughter and the man continued…

He was further angered by the fact that despite the fact that he had been sober for all this time, that he was still going to die.

I was now no longer trying to hide my joy. I looked around the table and the Nun/Hooker and her hot friend were also laughing. The man continued to share his pain and somehow life went on.

Dennis Mantin

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