The Hardships

A man in his 60’s shrouded in a blue parka screams obscenities at other pedestrians he meets on a blustery cold March morning, 2022.

I don’t know why he’s angry however I imagine it might have something to do with poverty.

I see them out here, the young native girl in the wheelchair struggling to get up the sidewalk to somewhere. The binge drinker Philapino Paul passed out on the sidewalk. Alexi the Mad Polish Man flicking cigarette butts at passersbys. The old woman with white hair picking up cigarette butts off the side walk in front of a local watering hole.

‘There but for the grace of God go I…’

This chant goes up in the rooms of A.A.

These cities chew them up and spit them out… And out of this comes art. Hard to believe.

Dennis Mantin

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