All Work And No Play…

The prevailing wisdom according to Billy is: One generation makes the money through generally hard work and the next 2 generations spend that wealth through the general malaise of laziness.

Of course there are exceptions, however there is much truth in Bill’s theories.

I have been looking at this phenomenon from a different perspective. Less judgment of hard work versus laziness and more of what type of parenting is created by those who have to work so hard to be wealthy at all costs.

Coming from the Anglican mold myself where we have been accused of trying to work our way to heaven… my general experience with this behavior is parenting by ‘do as I say or bare the fucking harsh  and severe consequences. ‘

No shortages of horror filled testimonials from this model.

Balance appears to me to be the missing ingredients in these failures of sustained wealth and family harmony.

All work and no play… came from somewhere real.

Dennis Mantin

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