The Booze Can

There were 2 Booze-Cans on the west side of George Street opposite Seaton House. Seaton House is a homeless shelter that can house up to 500 men.

To say these booze cans were rough would not be an understatement. Women weren’t allowed because of the fights that would be caused by the Neanderthals scrapping over them and if you did fight; you would get barred. I found it a rather convenient place to drink. Great service, no waiting, and I didn’t have to talk to anyone.

People generally left me alone. I was 30, about 6’2″, 225 pounds, and in good shape. The line I heard too much was,

“It’s the quiet ones that are to be feared.”

I found great safety in this myth.

I only passed out once and woke up with my wallet gone.

“Never fucking again!”

I was about to leave this alternate universe in the land of memory.

Dennis Mantin

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