Attracting Crazy

At a certain point…

After multiple sequential indisputable instaces of dealing with the insanity of others, in multiple locations… The conclusion I came to was 1. Either the whole world was nuts or 2. I am attracting crazy.

I eventually settled on door # 2 while holding out for the possibility that door # 1 had huge potential.

I knew I couldn’t change the world so I settled on me. The first thing I had to do was quit drinking.

In conclusion I believe there are at least 2 worlds. In World # 1, the sober world I have inhabited for close to the last 20 years; crazy can happen. However being sober means that I have a fighters chance to deal with whatever comes my way.

In the alternative universe of world # 2, with alcohol and drugs… I am guaranteed chaos.

My summation on the subject of attracting crazy is that crazy is abundant and not difficult to find. However if you are able to go through life sober and aware, then that shite can and probably will be reduced.

Dennis Mantin

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