Early Sobriety (2004)

The problem with early sobriety is it is the absolute last place you want to be. Every fiber of your body is in need and want: except for this voice that is telling you…

‘If you don’t stop you are going to die soon.’

Once the physical pain stops and that was no more than a few days, the loneliness begins.

If you’ve been drinking alcoholically long enough then you don’t know anyone who isn’t in the condition that you are trying to leave.

That’s where the meetings are helpful. When I found my father, I needed to tell someone, so I shared that at a noon meeting.

One of earliest speakers I heard in A.A. said he had a sponsee who announced to him one time that he wanted to get married. The speaker(sponsor) reminded the newly sober Sponsee that he didn’t know anyone.

This did not seem to deter the sponsee, so the Sponsor asked him “why?”

The Sponsee looked at the sponsor and answered, “because I want to be happy.

The man that told that story got a huge laugh.

I identified with the sponsee.

I knew it was going to be rough.

Dennis Mantin

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