Standing By In The Laneway

Change seems to be in the air, standing by in the laneway, waiting; The temperature is supposed to rise today. Spring is in the air?

The moon is full and a skunk runs down the opposite sidewalk past where I am parked and after a brief journey, turns and B-line’s towards me.

This causes a certain sense of attention and urgency; for just a second before he turns again, returning from where he first came into view… must have forgotten something.

It’s quiet now in the cold shadows of the dark morning air. It is too early for most to be up. There are exceptions, me and the skunk. Then Tom arrives with Harrry, who is asleep and swaddled. Then Yvette arrives and we are off in search of the Spotlight somewhere…

Alone now; the sky is lighter and I am waiting for my daughter to awaken to call her and ask her if she remembers her dreams. Sometimes she answers, often not.

I just want to hear her voice and let her know she is loved.

Dennis Mantin

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