I’ve been reading posts about some people and their struggles with sobriety.

Being 17 years plus sober, sometimes these reminders from others helps put things in perspective.

I quit alcohol, cocaine and cigarettes all on the same day in 2004, September 1st. I had been trying for forever.

The first week was rough, but things eventually got better. I went to treatment, A.A. meetings, got a sponsor and did the work.

A turning point for me was reading the personality traits of the alcoholic at the top of page 123 of the 12 and 12 book of A.A. It read that the alcoholic was childish, emotionally sensitive and Idealistic.

That was when I knew for sure I was alcoholic. That was the best description of me I had ever encountered.

I was 45 and maybe had the maturity of a 15 year old. Sobering thoughts!

This was the choice. Grow up or don’t. For me the choice was easy.

Dennis Mantin

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