The Pandemic in Review

It begins in March 2020 when I lose my job for 5 months. I know I will be months off, so I decide to write a novel. I finish that in September, at the same time I go back to work. Perfect.

Not quite perfect… I get a call telling me that my daughter is being abused by her mother on September 1st and thus begins a process that takes 17 months and all my financial resources and time and energy to get sole custody of my daughter.

At the completion of this noble task I am informed I have tested positive for the virus that began all of this and I am beyond fortunate because it is a little like having a mild cold.

However all being said… I had this conversation with my daughter tonight and explained to her, all that I have written here with the caveat that I would like to take this 5 day quarantine to at least begin my 2nd novel. I do know what I want to write.


Dennis Mantin

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