The pace here could be breakneck and hectic if we can ever get started… And ‘If we are lucky’can actually stand up to the hype this might be a good one. However little is actually happening yet.

Abandoned Lawyers are shuffling to get into the starting blocks and yes the gates are closed and we’re off and flying.

Unanswered Prayers are breaking through on the inside rail for the early lead.

Unsigned Agreement is stuck on the outside and seems to be falling back.

Much Ado About Nothing is making a move to the inside and is being blocked by We Have A Settlement.

We are at the half way mark and Fuck You And The Horse You arrived On has come up lame and has left the track.

We are coming down the stretch and the pace is hectic. All Apologies is making a move!

Abandoned Lawyers is fading. We Have A Settlement is gaining ground!

A late change by Will Miracles Never Cease…

They are neck and neck at the wire and…

It’s We Have An Agreement!!

That was one hell of a race!

Dennis Mantin

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