It happened at a party, the day after her 50th birthday…

They did have a celebration the night before for such an important milestone, however clearly not Grand Enough!

Her mother and sister were there laughing and dancing the following night, oblivious to the rage their joy and fun were causing.

No one could have known that the smiling woman at the round table who chose to sit with old childhood friends instead of her own family, was raging inside, that her mother and sister had such a wonderful happy loving relationship and that she was not part of that.

One of the most overlooked triggers in people who are miserable is the horror to be discluded. To be separated from; to not be included at the party.

Oh the hell there was and is to pay. They would know what wrath has brought!

Days later she was filling out a report at the police station, citing murderous intent. There must be justice! A warning of the danger to her and her daughter. Her daughter was not to be in the presence of her grandmother.

The fallout from this event has been nothing short of a tragedy.

A mother and daughter who have not spoken in 3 years.

A Sister who feels that she doesn’t have a Sister.

A father who said, “I am not saying my daughter is not welcome in my home however, whenever she is there; I won’t be.”

A child physically and mentally abused.

A mother losing custody of her child.

$100,000.00 in court costs!

A child who has not seen her mother in a year and a half.

False accusations of abuse.

All because of siblings jealousy over a mother’s supposed rejection.

And not a fucking scintilla of accountability for all the harm caused.

Dennis Mantin

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