Same Same Old

Her feet will keep on moving where no moss is gonna grow.

She knew a man who had a plan but he’s not gonna show.

It was gonna be so special, but now its  more or less.

It might be looking good to you, but to her it’s all a mess.

She’s been looking for forever for anything but same old.

Something grand to brag about and good story to be told.

So you just keep on moving, there’s nothing to see here.

The same same old is not the plan but chaos will appear.

She’s been looking for forever and her mind cannot be changed.

There will be no happy ending… just a fading to deranged.

Dennis Mantin

2 thoughts on “Same Same Old

  1. Oh wow, that’s absolutely sad. I think many people live life by the fantasy they want to construct that it doesn’t even match their reality. Or maybe they’re falling into the same patterns. I think this piece reflects that and it’s beautiful the way you expressed that sentiment. Also love the rhyme!


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