Trapped Memories

I have this memory…

It’s the north shore of the the island and the water is frozen over. This was before the causeway and no ferries can break the ice and we are trapped there without any way off, unless you want to walk and cross the miles of black and white frozen sheets of ice that crack and groan with each step.

All of this does something to the mind… Stranded in paradise is still stranded for those trapped by their thoughts…

I was young and there was this lunar eclipse  and I saw the curved shadow of the earth on the moon which proved to me the world wasn’t flat and we were on this rock floating in space with the moon on one side of us and the sun on the other, and there was nothing much more to say about where we were or being trapped that I could see, for we really are in paradise.

I remember the thaw and the rise of excitement as the fishermen rushed to their boats. That is where I first saw Ian… He was laughing in his dorey and smiling at Mabel who was holding my hand on the shore and for the first time I saw people in love.

Reminds me of the old joke…

The man from the city asked the fisherman what they did for excitement around here. The fisherman answered, “In the summertime we fish and make love; in the winter we don’t fish. “

Dennis Mantin

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