The Mystery of the Invisible Boy Solved at… The Disappeared Farm

I’ve shared the story before about not recognizing myself in a school picture when I was 8 and because it seemed so unusual; I wondered the cause.

Last month I mentioned this to an actress who shared that as a young woman she lived in a nuns convent for a few months and there were no mirrors there.

“Were there any mirrors where you lived. ” She asked.

I could remember a small one above the pantry sink.

Ernistine said, “There were no mirrors in the house… maybe one in the parlor.”

“Yes! You are correct. I didn’t know what I looked like because there were so few mirrors in the house.”

Ernistine sold the last piece of land of that farm and now for me that farm has disappeared into the vestiges of the past… No reasons to go back there now that I can think of.

Dennis Mantin

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