I’m standing by at the Shangri-la…

A Porsche with personalized plates is parked in the waiting area in front of me.

An attractive young woman arrives with the bellhop and loads the last of her luggage.

A middle aged man arrives at the moment the woman finds a half empty bottle in an open bag and attempts to give it to the bellhop.

“No no no!” The man said reaching for the bottle. “I need that for later. “

She turns her back, stopping him from taking the bottle. “I am not driving with that in the car.”

“Then I’m not going. ” The man behind sunglasses in the shadows proclaims.

She shook her head and mouthed the words, “That’s sad.” As she emptied the bottle down a drain beside the Porsche.

He walked off with a personal carrying bag, just before she drove away.

A turning point for both I do believe.

Dennis Mantin

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