The Hollywood Agent

He spoke nonstop from the second he entered my car into his phone to various people; discussing New York parties, awards and stars…

The only time he acknowledged my presence was to ask if he could use my phone charger.

It happened at dusk: A car Accident!! 500 feet ahead; just enough room and time to react- turning, spinning, brakes screeching! In the 2-3 seconds of successfully avoiding the accident, the Hollywood Agent was yelling beside me…

“I don’t want to die! I have a wife and kids!! I don’t want to die!”

It was a turning point for both of us.

We became friends for a few hours afterwards… We shared honestly/Zero bullshit.

I knew in that moment when he was vulnerable and unsure; that his family was what was important to him-The parties, stars and awards meant nothing. I loved that.

He asked me who I was.

I told him that I was an addict and an alcoholic… and that I couldn’t stop. He told me that he was an addict and an alcoholic… 17 years sober.

I couldn’t imagine 17 years and in 5 weeks I will be there.

Sometimes miracles happen in the oddest of ways.

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