Toxic Masculinity

I was raised by women so I am more familiar with toxic femininity as a character fault… However there’s little doubt in my mind  that both exist.

Maybe Toxic Femininity just needs a better press agent… Shall we begin?

I was saved from growing up with the influence of ‘Toxic Masculinity’ by a mother who, God bless her; was not adverse to using physical violence to emphasize a point.

After Mom died of cancer, my step mother for the next 2 years essentially kept me a prisoner in a bedroom when I wasn’t in school which taught me imprisonment is not fun.

My half-sister was given a shot at me from ages 13-15 and without going into to many details… she failed in the parental opportunity bestowed upon her.

My experience has been that Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Femininity are the same thing… an abuse of misguided power or a lack of common decency when one person has power over another.

When I became a parent I decided that a successful approach to building a healthy relationship with someone over which I have power, mainly because I’m bigger than they are… is to build trust. I read that in a book called, ‘Every- day Blessings.’

The following I read this morning on a bathroom wall at my local Cafe.

Dennis Mantin

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