Plato said…

Plato said, ‘No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.’

Now you tell me! Christ here I am spilling the goods, thinking that I’m providing this wonderful service; pissing off all who hear my valuable opinions, only to realize I was just creating hate.

By association… I wonder if Plato observed that no one is more loved than he who tells lies?

Probably not.

Dennis Mantin

One thought on “Plato said…

  1. I concur! It’s lonely to even desire the truth these days. As one who limits my own “screen time”, I truly perceive some of my loved ones acting programmed. I have noe other words to describe it yet. They are up in arms because ———fill in th blank—–social media informed them of some pseudo event, quite often geographically far away, and they get so hyper-fixated on it that they can’t stay present-tense to their own life…today…right now.
    I am moved by your art. It would be fun to see your process. One of my old band mates is the artist Jeremy Szopinski. He uses massive brushes, up to 16ft long, in his process, and gets so much physicality out of a single stroke. Thanks for posting something so personal!


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