Big Smoke

It’s cold here in the big smoke, a polar vortex came to town.

The people are driven deep within to something called lockdown.

We are waiting and we are humbled, still searching for our souls.

We are staring out our windows or changing channel scrolls.

There’s a look that seems to show, with a meaning to convey.

Madness is upon us all and I think it’s here to stay.

There’s a kindness that appears, I see it every now and then.

The next time that I see it, I’ll be sure to call a friend.

The strong they are holding on, on to what they won’t say.

They are good at holding secrets, their discretion will not stray.

The news it could be better, however we all know there could be more.

There is nothing left to cancel, but there’s groceries in the store.

Dennis Mantin

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