The Negotiations

There’s a drawback to total disclosure and honesty as a behavioral model and wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve; with no filter or trickery… It does not make or prepare one to be a very good negotiator.

I have learned to use honesty and information as weapons; and when a less than virtuous response comes my way I just shut that down.

That was until she came along and at the age of 8 she is a master at negotiations. She is patient and clear with well thought out responses and I am impressed. She obviously did not learn this from me… Is it part of female DNA? I don’t know.

I just know that I am going to nurture this gift in her and see if at this advanced age if I can learn something from her and prove, that you can teach old dogs new tricks… or ferrets… because that’s what’s coming next; a ferret.

Dennis Mantin

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