The Kittens War

I am calling it the kittens war however the potential for a metaphor here is not lost.

They are 12 weeks in and I have had enough… the problem is that my daughter loves them and since I love her then they will stay. Their behaviors will be forced to change from kittens to cats on this Thanksgiving Day Weekend or they collectively are going to be very wet.

I find that keeping them off the table where we eat and out of the rooms where we sleep to be a necessity for my peace of mind and their collective survival as members of this household.

The waterbottle spray is proving essential. They definitely don’t like it and I must confess what they don’t like gives me a certain joy!

They’ve destroyed my plants, boxes of kleenex, rolls of paper towels and the straw that broke my tolerance was when one of them (Timmy) went after one of my paintings.

I am tired of talking about kittens, I am tired of thinking about kittens and I am officially tired of writing about kittens.

Dennis Mantin

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