My Involvement

The talk has faded into the ether of the past… like farts in the wind.

The memories of your touch has dwindled into the vastness of an ‘I can’t remember’ void and has been replaced with an empty tear cried by none.

You might recall I tried to show you through demonstration, but your eyes glassed over like you wanted to be somewhere else.

Congratulations! My involvement in your life has come to a close.

Nothing left now except lawyers and money to decide whom spends the most time with our child… I’m hoping on me for everyone’s sake.

Me, because I love being a parent and her, because with me I know she’ll be safe and acknowledged; and you so you can travel the world and tell everyone you meet what a great artist and talent you are, especially now that you’ve been unbridled from the inconveniences and burdens of being an adult.

Dennis Mantin

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