Karen’s Coffee Shop and The Computer Keyboard Courage Mob

Karen has a coffee shop and reports on social media the injustices that occur to her from a frustrated enraged public when she enforces the pandemic mask rules.

“Fuck YOU!!”  And storming out without their coffee; then glaring back at Karen are an example of the reaction she gets.

The comments from her heroic acquaintances on Facebook… dripping with courage from behind their phones and computers would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

“Is he still there?

“Did you get a license plate?”

“Let me know if he’s still there and I’ll come down and kick his ass!”

NO YOU WON’T. Just stop. I’ve watched your non action in action for years. Standing around with your hands in pockets while George Floyd dies. Taking the last 77 rolls of toilet paper and leaving nothing for anyone else… and I’ve watched you walk by this poor bastard day after day, year after year and not offer any help.

Dennis Mantin

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