Failing Memory(Projection)

I know a man who witnessed ‘something’ and reacted to me in a way that showed he was appalled by what he saw. I found it funny and laughed at him. 15 years later after not seeing him for more than a decade he was so glad to see me and said, “I was just talking about you the other day and I was telling people about that ‘something’ you saw and you got so angry and we laughed and laughed.” I replied that really funny Bob, except it’s not true… you were the one who witnessed ‘something ‘ and I laughed at you.

I saw his eyes glass over before he walked away and I had never experienced that kind of projection before however apparently it happens all the time according to people whose opinions I value.

I do know that the reason they abolished the death penalty in Illinois in 1997 was DNA evidence cleared 13 of 27 inmates on death row and all convictions happened as the result of eye witnesses who relied on memory.

Did I imagine it all or some? Nah!

Dennis Mantin

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