Social Media Grand Prize Winner Goes to…

In my childhood, long before social media, a woman used to visit our hamlet and tell us stories about her grand life in the city. She had 3 children; the 2 boys were a Doctor and a Lawyer and the daughter was a fashion model… She told me I could do so much better for myself if I just got away from the people I grew up with.

In adulthood I visited the city that is still my home and I visited that woman and sadly found a life in shambles. The Doctor was really a down and out drug addict. The lawyer was really a career criminal who had spent so much time in prison that his friends referred to him as institutionalized. And the daughter was something far less than a fashion model.

It’s not so much about what people are or aren’t… I’m just failing to understand why people want to put others down while they falsely build themselves up??

Now I am beginning to see the appeal of social media and its service to humanity.

Dennis Mantin

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