The Decades

Next month, God be willing, I will enter my 8th decade on this rock that spins…

I have no memory of the 50’s.

The 60’s, my childhood, seemed like one long head cold interrupting moments of abject terror.

The 70’s began with the death of my mother and the depression that followed that.

My 80’s and 90’s were fueled by addiction and not nice to look at from any P.O.V. Ending with a new millennium and hope.

The 2000’s brought sobriety, meeting my father whom I was told was dead and obviously wasn’t, and change.

The decade of the 2010’s brought my daughter and a love I am so grateful to have not missed.

I don’t know what is on the horizon, however I am thankful and grateful for all of this life.

What a ride!Dennis Mantin

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