The Con ‘Willie Snake’

I saw Mike… it might have been 20 years. We have a mutual friend who I asked if he had heard from.

Mike said, “Nothing I hear about him is good. I hear he’s conning people. ”

I knew the Con since high school, met him when we were 15… his nickname was ‘Willie Snake.’ I saw his generous side just once, and I was the beneficiary of this kindness. When he did me wrong I asked him why he sought me out as a friend.

Willie Snake said, “You were my way of getting to the girls where you lived.” I’ve always been a fan of honesty.

When he stole my friends cancer medication (allegedly) some wished him the worst. When Willie Snake got cancer I wondered about fate.

Later in life after a study on psychopaths I wondered again about if they can help themselves…I have to believe that if you gain a nickname before the age of 15 that has the word snake in it, then you have to expect you might have issues gaining trust.Dennis Mantin

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