God’s Work

3a.m. Monday… Finding coffee is like that last watering hole in the Serengeti; an oasis rife with danger.

A man in a wheelchair that is staging a sign which reads, ‘to ugly to prostitute, to stupid to steal.’ is holding a cup meant to give change.

He is being attended to by a man claiming to be doing God’s Work, but just appears to have no better place to go.

The drunks and druggies come and go and by the time I get my americano, my admiration for the young girl doing the midnight shift at Macdonald’s has grown to epic proportions. She’s the one I feel who is probably best suited for God’s work.

I put my change in the cup and leave for my pick up. The man doing God’s work says he’s been here for 4 hours and has to go now. I mumble to myself “The media has been notified.”

Dennis Mantin

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