Don’t You Forget!!

Jay walks Into traffic SCREAMING! Pointing, staring, sharing.

I see him in quieter times sitting on the sidewalk pointing his lit cigarette at various items strewn around his area, as if keeping some sort of tally or order to them. Smoke trails over niknaks and things. He mumbles incoherently.

He’s as far gone as anyone you will see on the streets unsupervised.

He got in my face as I waited for a streetcar. “Are you going to give me some money?” Looking in his eyes seemed to set him off. ” Yes I’m a dummy. I was born this way. I’m mentally fucked!”

He went off cursing and bumming and I let the streetcar pass. I caught up to him and put a 10 in his hand

Jay said, “Thank you. ” And opened his hand to show me his niknaks of which one was a child’s mittens.

” Those are my sons.” He beat his chest with his fist.”My sons!… Don’t you forget !! My son!”

Dennis Mantin

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