She returned from a 6 weeks vacation.

I filled the fridge with her favorite food.

I hired a cleaner who cleaned from stem to stern.

I picked her up at the airport with flowers in hand and carried her luggage to the car and drove her home…

I carried her luggage to the bedroom and in a corner of our immaculately clean home was a ‘Dust Ball.’

This became her focus. Nothing else mattered… only that dust. The cleaner was unprofessional and I was stupid for paying her.

I am certain everyone has moments in their lives that create reevaluation and a taking of stock. This was one of mine. In that moment as she droned on I knew there was no fixing THIS. Whatever this was, this had nothing to do with me and I was good with that.

I have taken my vacation from relationships since that moment and life is good.

Dennis Mantin

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