Speaking Truth to Power

Diogenes said to Alexander…

” Could you please get out of my light. ”

Alexander of Masedon was young then and not yet labelled ‘THE GREAT ‘ yet; however, he was a warrior capable of acts of violence! I’ve wondered why Alexander didn’t kill Diogenes in the moments that followed that famous comment about getting out of his light.

My new found friend Richard shed some light on this: ” Diogenes spoke truth to power. ”

Alexander wasn’t used to people telling him the truth. I imagine a wave of satisfaction passing through him as he said to his brother, ” Give that man whatever he wants. ”

Diogenes according to Richard just wanted a larger barrel to live in.

Imagine the light of truth ringing through Alexander as he watched Diogenes go through the market place holding a torch over his head saying,

” I’m looking for a man… I’m looking for an honest man. ”

Dennis Mantin

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