Treading Water

Ernistine said that I taught her how to tread water…

My Zylia asked what treading water means and Ernistine smiled warmly and delivered a teachers explanation.

I was surprised that I had been that kind.

However I saw it in her face and the truth was there and always truly was there waiting to be heard. All that was required was to visit.

Seeing for the first time just how lovely she truly is. I am shocked at how I never saw this before. Perhaps I did and forgot…

Yes that’s it! It must be.

A portal of gentle and good.

It’s wonderful to be remembered in such hues when you think of yourself as so much less.

Thank you Ernistine for this and everything else you’ve given me and my family…

Treading water seems like such a worthy return.

I quote Rod McCuen… “How tall we are, we’ve learned so much. Everything it seems but how to stay in touch.”

Dennis Mantin

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