Good Friday

I will wake up early and wear something bright and pick up my daughter and marvel at her sight.Eat drink be merry; however no wine will be poured; she’s to young and I don’t drink and he is Christ the Lord.There will be no talk of bunnies we will be talk about the Cross and what we are grateful for and why we feel loss.It’s early and it’s late and so much to still achieve… I hope I have the time and in my mind you never leave.Dennis Mantin

2 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Shannon Lawson

    Well Dennis, what can I say. I love this website, i sent the mefitation to many many people (including yourself!), you should feel proud. I feel honoured to be your friend. Love youband this website and your gorious paintings lift my heart.

    We shall chat soon my friend!


  2. Shannon Lawson

    I love everything about your life!
    Some folk have already gotten backto me about the meditation! Lol! All very positive. Ill keep them as testimonials for us.
    Also been checking out Parkdale.


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