On Work

I like work… I like the order of it. I have been fortunate enough to be doing something I like for 20 years now.

It’s not that its such a great job however the financial remuneration is very good.

I remember the opposite of that… washing dishes, shoveling shit, making hay, shoveling snow, washing cars, planting trees, spiking railway ties, digging ditches, pumping gas, line cook, dj, bouncer, pizza deliveryman, window cleaner, male model ( that was ok ) …

All made me wonder at times if I should have stayed in school.

I never think about that being a driver in the film industry.

Dennis Mantin

One thought on “On Work

  1. Glen Avigdor

    My friend, you are a man of many talents, and insights. Sadly, when the millennials look back over their lifetime of varied experiences, the lucky ones might , if fully awake, make a connection between their lack of manners and their sense of entitlement and their level of cynicism and despair. Without the period of “Salad Days” how would they ever arrive in the land of Gratitude? Merry Christmas Dennis.


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