I have always been called an outsider. However I am really just an interloper

Half Catholic                                                    Half Protestant                                                Neither side wanted me.                              My mother was an interloper too.              She was exiled from her Protestant Tribe For perceived crimes against the Church. Interloper of the highest order that!          I am merely a rank amateur by my mother’s standards… An opportunist by association really! I was born into it…        

A family tradition! My father was cast out of his Catholic Tribe as well… Probably for taking up with a Protestant. Do I need to tell you what they thought of me?

In hindsight, Dad was also an interloper. I have worked at breaking family traditions, simply, for a reprieve from the drama. 

I am a Christian, which come to think of it… might be the truest definition of interloper there is in this society. 

Dennis Mantin 

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