Stinking Thinking 

I was in a relationship in a past life with a woman who every time something went wrong she said,  ” It’s your fault.”

One time after hearing this for the umpteenth time I said,  ” Well maybe then we should go to couples counseling to fix me. ” 

She agreed. 

The therapist,  a man called Dexter, had us each fill out the same questionnaire of 360 questions and on about the 4th visit to Dexter,  I got impatient and strongly suggested that Dexter quit wasting time and tell me what was wrong with me. 

Dexter told me that I had the worst temper he’d ever encountered, however I wasn’t the one with the problem… she is.  Dexter said,  ” I’m a professional and I’m scared of you… imagine how the rest of them feel. ” 

” What’s the problem she has? ” I asked,  unable to contain my joy.

Dexter said,  ” She has what we call Stinking thinking, and this has nothing to do with you.”

I ended that relationship right there and offered to pay for her therapy with Dexter, because I knew she wouldn’t. 

She accepted. 

On the 3rd trip to deliver her to Dexter by herself I noticed her smiling at me. I asked her,  ” What’s up? “

She said,  ” I just wanted you to know that the only reason I’m doing this is to waste your money. “

I dropped her off to Dexter and waited 45 minutes before knocking on his door.  Dexter was happy to see me. I told him what she said and handed him the last cheque I gave him. 


Water under the bridge. 

Dennis Mantin 

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