The Man that makes the Flowers…

There is a Courtyard where children play, shadowed by a rooftop, where gardens grow; overlooking a city above the artist’s and dreamers, at the outside edges of the the stains of corporate excess, and this is where Mike Moody sent me to plant a tree… 

In this Courtyard is a daycare, Studio 123. While I was planting the tree, each and every client of the Studio introduced themselves to me. 

“Hi I’m Bobby and I’m 3.” “Hi I’m Sarah and I’m 4.” And so on until all 12 had introduced themselves to me… except one. One little girl seemed unable to break through the mob of toddlers to introduce herself.  She seemed very frustrated with the situation. I will never forget the look on her face. 

Sometime later I walked into a public bathroom near the Studio and one of the little girls fathers was changing her diaper on the counter. I saw that she saw me as I disappeared into the bathroom stall. Then I heard her say… ” There’s the man Daddy. ”

“What man?”

After a long pause. 

” The man that makes the flowers. ”

Dennis Mantin 

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