The Cure from the Grumpy Old Bastards!!!

A Truth: When you are young and you are really really angry … what you are is really really afraid. 

 If you asked someone what they were afraid of they might know; probably wouldn’t know; but most likely they would lie about it, if they did know. This is what is so important about the anger. Ask anyone what they’re angry about and you will get TRUTH. 

Make a list of what you are angry about. Use that list to find your fears. 

You will probably need a grumpy old bastard or a therapist to help you with that. 

Once you know your fears; you can find the source of those fears. It will most likely be a fear for security or a fear of being made to look stupid. 

I have belonged to an anonymous gathering of grumpy old bastards who I have received much help from… However my fears these days are that we’ve become so anonymous that no one knows where to find us.

Just listen. 

Dennis Mantin 

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