Archetype Study… The 3 Distinct Personalities of FLIPPER: the construction labourer.

His nickname was FLIPPER. This was due to his abilities to flip into a rage. However, when I first met him, I was unaware of his name origin.

PERSONALITY 1 – Flipper showed up for work on Monday, broke; without cigarettes or food. He begged and borrowed and got through the week with HUMILITY  and PATIENCE,  awaiting his first payday the following Thursday.

PERSONALITY 2 – In the hour before the paychecks arrived Flipper began to swagger. He looked at me and stated.

” Me and the boys are goin ta git some blow tonight.”  The boys we’re 2 mid twenties subordinates who’d been supplying Flipper with food and cigarettes since they’d all started working together the previous week.

Flipper was their leader. 

PERSONALITY 3 – Flipper showed up for work late on Friday, impaired and tired. He struggled through the day and when he bummed money the day after payday, his plight was met with distain and he was sent home.  The last time I saw Flipper was weeks later; he was walking down the street, arguing with a woman pushing a baby in a stroller. 

Dennis Mantin 

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