Encourage or Shhh

“I want to be a writer.”  I watched my teacher laugh when I uttered those words and it didn’t kill my spirit or make me determined to show her… I remember thinking, how sad it is that you’re old and bitter and no longer dare to dream. 

I am probably older now than she was then and I feel like I’m at the beginning.

Having a good story is not the same as being a good writer and I have learned much with such  a long way to go. 

I asked Paul Fournier if he would look at my paintings.  He said after looking at 4 little canvases, ” I can’t tell you what you have, however you have what it takes to be great. ”

I’m pretty sure he didn’t believe what he said, but how generous is that!? He gave me a piece of advice I’ll not forget.  ” Don’t be afraid to use paint. ”

  • I rented a studio, bought thousands of dollars of paint supplies and painted for years, lathering up those canvases with colour.

Paul showed up at the studio and suggested I do a show…

My God I was nervous… I thought people would laugh… 

They didn’t. 

Dennis Mantin 

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