Captain Chaos 

Among 2 entirely different groups of people seperated by thousands of miles and at least 1 mountain range, I was referred to as Captain Chaos.

A fluke? Perhaps. I don’t know. 

I know nothing! I am ready for change. I became teachable. “You must know SOMETHING!? ”

The inner voice raged in those day and night with passion and pain.

“I know 3 things… The sun rises and sets every 24 hours. Matter exists in at least 3 states, solid, liquid and gas. And gravity works.”

In time I added that it took a man and a woman to make a baby and Jack Miller’s rule # 2…”Never shit in your own nest.” 

George asked me to write a list of who I was angry with. 

I asked.”Will a top 10 list would would do?”

In the moments that  followed, George said, ” I don’t see your mother on this list. ”

I informed him that I wasn’t angry at my mother. 

George peered over his glasses and spoke softly … “If you aren’t angry at your mother then you aren’t human.”

Wisdom. Courage. Love. 

I have witnessed. 
Dennis Mantin 

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