God’s Country 

My mother was raised in Paradise. 
Legend has it that nothing bad ever happens in Paradise. 

She was exiled for her sins, and  traveled to the city, where she met my father and before she died, she moved us to…God’s Country they called it.

God’s Country is just down the road from Paradise.

She died when I was 11 which ended my childhood and they buried her in Paradise and I eventually left God’s Country and ran to the city she left, to look for my father.

I don’t know why she told me my father was dead. 

I feared the truths of that rejection; but couldn’t look away  until I met him and that ended with a very great example of how not to be.

I understood him better than he knew himself but my help was not invited… Suffer if you must Dad but I’m going to stay in the city and try to make the best of it…

“Now your granddaughter wants to visit you Mom, so we’re returning to Paradise and your grave and it’s been so long since I’ve come to visit you and I’m glad I’m bringing her with me. I’ve never met anyone who has spoken about you more than our Zylia.”

After Paradise I hope we can visit God’s Country. 

Dennis Mantin

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