Fly on the Wall

 I was like a fly on the  Wall… 

Almost invisible, an annoyance at best. They showed me their true selves… exposè.

An advantage of growing up in the Foster System. 

Among the gifts of the  unwanted, is the view of humanity in their natural habitat unencumbered with expectations of natural civility.

The faces change on the revolving stage and in time you  begin to wonder if everyone in this unhappy tragedy is really this savage and cruel? 

My mother returned in the second act when I was  5, which I have been told is miraculously rare.

This taught me about love and vigilance and her very presence was a demonstration to the power of prayer. 

The delusions of power and control swim nervously through  the noise of their minds, grasping, clawing, searching their own sufferings.

I am right here, a child.

I won’t hurt you. 

Dennis Mantin 

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