The Nude Beach 

There’s a sandbar that stretches 12 miles into a Great Lake and if you walk far enough down that sandbar, approximately 8 miles, is where  you will find a nude beach. Its a paradise of nature… I have seen the sky here  filled with Monarchs by the thousands, for here is a migration point for things that fly, like monarch’s and ladybugs and many types of birds. However the migrations are later in the year, in September and this story was under much hotter sky’s. 

I took a woman who never experienced this and was curious and after what could only be described as a perfect day of sun and nature, it was time to walk back into the real world where people wear clothes. 

She was happy and beautiful and relaxed and free and I even saw humour in her inability to stop staring at the other nude bodies. The sun began to set on a perfect day and I suggested we go back.

There’s a sign in the sand that leaves no doubt that beyond this point lies civilization and where I put on my shorts. 

A mile on and several strong suggestions to the point  that it MIGHT be time to put some clothes back on went ignored. Several people gave glances her way and returned their eyes to the sand. 

By the time we reached the parking lot I had reached a boiling point and this is where that relationship ended.

On the drive home I ranted and pined.

“What the fuck were you thinking about!?”

“How do you find it necessary to turn a perfect day into me yelling and wondering if it’s safe for me to take you anywhere, because I don’t know what the fuck you’re going to do!?”

Later in therapy in an attempt to understand my rage, and her behavior my therapist said. 

“You may owe her an apology… your anger is understandable however I suspect she didn’t want, what you described as a perfect day, to end.”

Dennis Mantin 

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