On God

I asked my mother when I was a boy if she believed in God.

She answered, “Yes.”

I asked, “Why?” As children are prone to do. 

She said, “We eat food and get energy from that and in our bodies after we use the energy, we expel the waste from that food… Who else but a God could do That?

I have been sober for 13 plus years now and never have I craved in that time. I have not missed an opportunity to pray and turn my will over upon awakening to God in this time. 

My daughter is 6 now and she’s my friend and she’s with me today and I have never met anyone who has asked me more about my mother Margaret who passed away 48 years ago. She claims that she’s met Margaret. I have learned to keep an open mind. 

I am so grateful for this time and opportunity at life and fatherhood. 


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